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BMI Calculator
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BMI and Ideal Weight

The body mass index gives you a good idea as to what your normal weight range should be. If you want to find out what your ideal weight is, why don't you try our ideal weight calculator.

BMI Calculator

What is the body mass index (bmi)? How can I know if my bmi is within normal limits? Is there an easy way to calculate it? This page provides you with answers to all these questions.

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What is the body mass index (bmi)?

The bmi is used as a tool for indicating weight status in adults. It is a measure of weight for height.

How Can I Calculate My BMI?

For adults over 20 years old, the formula for calculating the body mass index is dividing their weight in kilograms by their height in meters squared. Courtesy of, you can use a quick and simple java-based bmi calculator. Please note that Java needs to be active in your browser to be able to use this calculator.

What we liked about this particular calculator is that it not only does the math for you, but it also displays in a colored, user-friendly way the various categories of bmi (underweight, normal, overweight, obesity class I-III). In addition, once you have calculated your bmi, you can slide the little gray indicator bar up and down and the weight changes accordingly. This handy function allows you to see what your weight should be for a desired bmi. Nice, isn't it?

There are other excellent sites out there that provide various bmi calculators. A few are worth mentioning:

What If My BMI Is Over 25?

In most people, a bmi over 25 signifies overweight, and a bmi over 30 denotes obesity. There are some notable exceptions, though. If you are an athlete and have a lot of muscle mass, your bmi may be over 25, yet your body fat mass is not increased. As a matter of fact, your body fat percentage is likely to be significantly lower than in sedentary people.

It is important to remember that bmi does not measure body fat. This being said though, keep in mind that for the vast majority of people, bmi is a good indicator of their weight status. Together with other indicators, doctors use bmi to estimate a person's risk of developing many diseases, including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc.

My BMI Is Greater Than 25. How Can I Lose the Extra Weight?

We suggest you try our evidence-based weight loss program. Designed for long-term success, it provides you with unique self-monitoring tools, a diet log based on a comprehensive food database and an exercise plan that allows you to track how many calories you burn through exercise. It really is a natural weight loss program.

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Dr Gily

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