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Osteoporosis Symptoms & Screening
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Osteoporosis Prevention

Find out more about osteoporosis prevention.

Osteoporosis Symptoms Screening

Osteoporosis develops over the course of many years. In the beginning, osteoporosis has not obvious symptoms. It is important to know if you have an increased risk of developing osteoporosis, as there are measures you can take to prevent or slow its progression. This simple osteoporosis screening tool allows you to compare your risk with that of the average person.

How to Use the Osteoporosis Screening Tool

Please use the form below to check all statements that apply to your case.


Please keep in mind this is a screening tool designed to give you an idea about your risk of osteoporosis. It is not a substitute for medical consult or advice. We do not store in any way the information you submit here.

Osteoporosis screening symptoms

Osteoporosis is on the increase. Find out your risk with the test on the left!

Your first name:


I have a family history of osteoporosis
I have thin, small bones
I am a female
I am a white, Caucasian person


I am an active smoker
I drink two or more drinks of alcoholic beverages every day.
One drink equals one 12-ounce bottle of beer or wine cooler, one 5-ounce glass of wine, or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits.


I don't drink milk on a regular basis
I don't eat calcium fortified foods (such as broccoli, calcium enriched soy or rice milks, nuts, salmon, etc.)
I drink 3 or more cups of coffee or caffeine containing drings (green tea, cola, etc.) daily

Physical Activity

I don't engage in weight-bearing exercise (walking, jogging, dancing, etc.) on a regular basis
I am physically inactive over extended periods of time

General Health

I had my ovaries removed
I entered menopause before 45 years of age
I had amenorrhea (cessation of regular menses for at least 6 months) Am avut amenoree (lipsa ciclului menstrual timp de cel putin 6 luni)
I take corticosteroid or thyroid hormones on a regular basis

Physical Signs

I have lost one or more inches in height
My upper back has developed a visible curvature I didn't have before
I had fractures in my wrist, spine or thigh

Dr Gily

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